I started making wine in 2015 after having spent many years in South India. Upon returning to Italy, I decided, along with my brothers, to dedicate myself to our family vineyard, reclaiming it after many years of renting it out. This land belonged to my grandmother and before that to her grandmother, and the connection I feel while taking care of it is truly profound. I want to respect it, protect it, and discover its essence through the wine we produce.


I have dedicated a significant part of my life and career to wine, securing a degree in enology and viticulture and starting to work in the wine industry at a young age. After gaining some initial experience, I traveled to France to learn about local grape varieties, and I also expanded my expertise in South America and South Africa. After a few adventures in southern Italy, first in Campania and then in Puglia, I eventually settled in Verona, where I work for an established company. It was here that I embraced the idea of collaborating with my brothers to launch our family winery.


When I first visited these vineyards, Jacopo and Giovanni told me about their project for this company, and I was fascinated. I then decided to commit myself to do my part to enhance this piece of land, its history, and what I think is its potential.


I am passionate about agriculture, and I have always been closely involved with my family vineyard. After graduating in viticulture and enology, I have been working here since 2020, taking care of vineyard management. I am constantly in pursuit of ways to improve my agronomic knowledge and skills.


The secret ingredient for a good wine is the ethics of the winemaker who produces it. I grew up amidst the vineyards, acquired the wisdom of farming before taking flight to Africa, where my skills expanded horizons. For some years now, I have been contributing to Jacopo and Giovanni’s dream, working in a team where knowledge is integrated through open and honest dialogue. And the dream has become a reality.

People of Giocaia